A diatribe against Coolness/Hotness

For a long time now, I had been consumed with the idea of appearing cool, hot and any other heat related adjective. After a lot of futile effort and false starts, I have given up, feeling like the absolute ass that I was. The reasons behind this perceived failure are not far to seek

* I dont believe that a Pulsar is an indispensible asset.

* Branded clothes dont exactly make the best purchases. Most of the times, they are overhyped and are obscenely priced.

* Having a girlfriend is quite a pain in the ass. Hence I have decided to abstain.

*Travelling in public transport in no way compromises you or affects the kind of human being you are

* Hairstyles are a bourgeoisie past time.

* Partying Sucks. Period.

* Bunking college isnt cool. Its plain stupid.

* Fridays neednt necessarily mean a trip to IMAX.

* Small time hotels serve food tastier than Pizza Hut or KFC.

* There are better ways to commit suicide than smoking.

* Drinking can give you cirrhosis along with pleasure.

* Discussing history and politics isnt being boring.

* Reading books is preferable to watching MTV.

* Cellphones arent my idea of making a statement.

* There is a world beyond Baristas, grande-coquettes, discotheques and bedrooms.

* You neednt necessarily have Britney Spears’ posters in your bedroom.


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