Orissa Travails

Just had to write something. So here is one of those conversations that well, just happen with me

X: Abdaal bhai, you are a Bihari na?

Me: Umm..no

X: You look like that!

Me: I am not!

X: Dillee then?

Me: Nopes!

X: Where are you from?

Me: Orissa.

X (all clouded up): Orissa……

Me: Is a state in India

X: He he I know….where exactly is it?

Me: Between AP and Bengal…

X: (still confused)

Me: Puri temple, Konark temple, Cuttack…ODIs..Hirakud Dam, Ashoka…killings..Super cyclone…get it?

X: Oh you mean THAT Orissa!

Me: Right!!!


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