Deuce, game…err…love??

The perennial cry-babies of Indian Tennis are at it again. Yes folks! Taking their God-knows-how-old-dushmani another step forward, Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupati have started a fresh round of mudslinging. The latest salvo in this direction came when Lea accused teammate Vijay Amritraj of unprofessionalism after the Davis Cup victory over Uzbekistan. A hurt Amritraj ganged up with the other teammates (with some eager leadership by Bhupati) and immediately shot off an e-mail to the Indian Tennis Federation Prez complaining about Lea’s dictatorial and harsh ways. Lea has lately made it a habit to rub people the wrong way by opening his mouth a bit too wide. When was the last we remember him and Bhupati participating in some event without bickering. And they were supposedly the poster boys of Indian Tennis! One can well imagine what impression such moronic personality clashes give to outsiders about Indian sports, which anyway arent much to write home anyway.

A nation of a billion gets one medal in the Olympics! The sole seeded tennis player is criticised for her dress, behaviour, style and what not! The Hockey federation is run by a supercop-turned-female bottompincher for a decade and a half! The I & B Minister heads the Football federation….Umm..I guess the picture is clear! Heavens help Indian sports!


3 thoughts on “Deuce, game…err…love??

  1. i feel the same about tennis,dear!!!something ought to be done about tennis and sports in india in general…isnt it dear!!!

  2. It is very sad the way Sania ‘s “dress sense ” is discussed in the face of her great triumphs.
    Well Abhishek bindra is great and very cool.
    Please dont think little of the police chief IPS GIll, he sure is a man of substance.Seedha aadmi tha joh sheron ki tarah khulli baat kiya, He had an irritation from the female IAS officer that is all.koi dirty bastard hotha toh usse bhi bahut aage nikalta. You must have heard of IPS officer SHarma who murdered shivani of India Express, his girlfriend.

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