Kutte/ Dogs

Came across this excellent translation of Faiz’s all time classic ‘Kutte‘  by the British Marxist V.G Kiernan.

With fiery zeal endowed-to beg,

They roam the street on idle leg,

And earn and own the general curse,

The abuse of all the Universe;

At night no comfort, at dawn no banquet,

Gutter for lodging, mud for blanket.

Whenever you find them any bother,

Show them a crust they will fight one another,

Those curs that all and sundry kick,

Destined to die of hunger’s prick.

– If those whipped creatures raised their heads,

Man’s insolence would be pulled to shreds:

Once roused, they’d make this earth their own

And gnaw their betters to the bone-

If someone made their misery itch,

Just gave their sluggish tails a twist


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