Bhojpur Babalams and All

The last time I blogged Michael Jackson was still alive.

Goodness! How things have changed.

I am in love with Bhojpuri songs. Totally, absolutely and madly. They are unsurpassed in the range of feelings they convey (lust being the main one), the subtleties and intricacies found in them can put Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s Manali musings to shame!

“Sainyya godi mein hamko bulaawein…..Hai dayya! Hum kaa bataayen…duty double sasuraal mein!”

“Bhor ho gayi babalam..Hamra laagey saram..”

And of course the immortal classic by Radheshyam Rasia from the album “Labh Ke Coaching”

“Hamra saali ke choli mein bhaiyya du tho aitum bombwa!!!”

The other parts of Bhaiyyaland struggle in vain to catch up with the Purvanchalis. The best that Harit Pradesh could manage was

“Gaanv mein mach gaya roda…ke Chandu ki bahu aa gayi”..

Another creditable attempt was

“Madam baith Bolero pe…”

While extremely catchy, these songs are no match (tharak or otherwise) for the brilliance of Purvi UP and Paschim Bihar. Mujic ka baap, Bhojpur is thy name!

I blog after Kalki-Avatar-knows-how-long and I write about bazaaru songs. Heavens have mercy.

Ram Ram….


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