Gunda: Rediscovered

The more I see Gunda, the more I realise the abodh, naadan baalak that I am.

Of course we have all seen Gunda. Bulla, Chutiya and Potey are as familiar to us as Ramu Kaka-the wise naukar and Shanti Bai-the tharkan jhaadu waali. Whenever a sentence happens to end in an “a” we automatically kheenchtaan it to “aaaaa”. We dont say “I am sorry” whenever a tragedy happens to befall an unfortunate acquaintance, we say “Bahut bura huaaa“. Such has been the impact of Bulla & Co. on us.

Imagine my surprise then when on seeing Gunda for the 113th time I realised all was not that khullam khulla in the movie. That there were indeed details, rather obvious ones at that, which I had completely missed. For the Gunda bhakts then here are some intricacies which we had missed.

* Gulshan is farsighted

Yes folks! The handsome, chikna, haseenaon ke dil mein maske ka tadka lagaanewala Gulshan suffers from Hyperopia. What! You didnt know that? Remember the scene where he walks into Lucky Chikna’s latakta kotha-cum-Circus and does not see Prabhuji till he knocks the living daylights out of his plexiglass? And that when Prabhuji also happened to be his ex-brother-in-law. Get it now?

Alternate explanation: Prabhuji can become invisible at will…So never know again!

* Homosexuality in Gunda

Remember the guy beside the foul mouthed woman at Kamala’s mother’s funeral who carries Gulshan’s pic in his pocket? Now why would anybody carry another man’s pic that close to his heart? But then again we know that Gulshan was chikna and all who aroused even Chutiya (no less!) . The far sighted man that Kanti Shah is, he had obviously foreseen a day when such pyaar shall not remain condemned by law and society. To all those feminists and liberals who deride Gunda as regressive: EAT SHIT!

* A Case for Separation of Powers

The Assembly and the High Court (or is it the Trial Court?) are shown as one in Gunda. This is of course fodder for many fools who, unable to appreciate Kanti Shah’s genius, label Gunda a harebrained movie. The truth however is just the opposite. The dystopian society with Gunda-gardi khullam khulla, corrupt poolis and leader, total breakdown of law and order are but a logical consequence of the lack of separation of powers. By portraying this Kanti Bhai is backhandedly making a case for  democracy and a separate legislature and judiciary. Baron de Montesquieu couldn’t have done it better. Jai Ho!

* Equanimity

Villains as vile as Bulla preach virtues in Gunda. Surprised? Dont be!

When Bulla’s man is killed by Lambu Aata, Bulla does not beat his ample breasts nor does he break bangles. Instead he calmly pulls the sword out, watches the poor man die a horrible death and calmly says, “Mera naam hai bulla..Main rakhta hoon sab khulla.” Later when Haseena discloses the fact of her pregnancy, he very nonchalantly remarks, “Aey Haseena! Is bachche ko giraa daal..warna main teri jaan le loongaaaa.”

This is referred to as “Upeksha” in Hindu and Buddhist philosophies. Patanjali’s yoga sutra makes a mention of this. Its the sign of a great human being. Despicable he may be, but Bulla was a great man. Just like Ravana. And Prabhuji being prabhu is obviously Ram. Get the connection?

Hey Prabhuji, Aapki leela apaar hai!


4 thoughts on “Gunda: Rediscovered

  1. *falls at feet* Such in depth analysis of a movie I have never seen before.
    But then again, it’s not a movie, it’s a phenomenon!

    Btw, I thought the Slave Driver is making y’all work like shit. How do you find time for this??

  2. I love this!! Abdaal you’re brilliant. Utterly and completely brilliant! 😛 Its pretty damn good- cute too 🙂
    Hail Hotness! 😛 *smirk*

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