Screwed Another Day

I came to NALSAR a year and a half ago. I’ll be honest. NALSAR’s USP (that of 100% placement) never interested me. For me it was just a stepping stone to another career: a career in the Civil Services. The law student holy trinity of moots, papers and conferences were asides for me. Marks, occasional co curricular activities (quizzes, debates and the likes) and an academic environment were all I expected from this place.

I have never been more sorely disappointed.

Arbitrariness, incompetence and “khushamad” are the reigning deities here. Right from attendance to your marks, nothing is above fudging! You are born in a certain part of the country? Here is an O for you! You are not? Fact to say, too bad sir! Why did I give you less in the exam? Well..Sir..lack of clarity in the handwriting Sir! Quiz? You want to quiz? Now look here!! What are your priorities in life? Kya ukhaad loge quiz karke! Yes Sir, your answer is right Sir, but you did not follow my pattern sir! Hello my friend. In the case of any inconvenient please call.

I could have written reams of pages on this. But I guess I must stop.

I am not disgruntled. I do get good grades and hard as it may have tried, NALSAR has not managed to fuck my happiness. Atleast not yet! I have a great bunch of classmates and an amazing set of friends. That, and a feeling that things just cannot get any worse, make me keep going (and I assume most of NALSAR as well).

I’ll end with words of wisdom.

Kauwwe ne cheel ka chumma liya..aur cheel ne chuwwe ka bachcha paida kiya

– Tandyeah in Loha.

What abstrusity! What reconditeness! What profundity!

PS- It is 7 years since the release of my favourite Bond movie. The title is a reference to that.


7 thoughts on “Screwed Another Day

  1. I take offence :P. Not really. I agree with Abdaal, I assume the handwriting is a reference to me. I got an A++, by the way, after a glorious paper, don’t know to explain it to my parents who keep on urging me to study harder.
    NALSAR pisses me off, and still I don’t wish I was never here. Wonder why.

    1. Very true! We get screwed by this place all the time. And yet we wouldnt want to be anywhere else. *sigh* Is this institutionalization?

  2. very good man! I really appreciate what you’ve written. I’ve fancied NALSAR for years and am hoping i get in next year but your post is making me think about it. Is it worth the pain???
    Please try and reply

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