I’ll complete eight years in Hyderabad next month. When I came to this city in 2001, it was a very different place. There was no City Centre Mall, no Shopper’s Stop and no Hyderabad Central as well. There was no Angeethi, Indijoe’s or 100 degrees. The place where Prasad’s stands today was a swampy marsh. Necklace Road was anything but a road. Karkhana beyond Vac’s was open jungle. The airport was bang in the centre of the city and Shamshabad was a pleasant little village where one stopped for a cup of tea while driving on the Bangalore highway. Hi-Tec City was mostly shrubs and rocks. Auto fares started at Rs. 5 and Barkatpura was where NALSAR was. Whatever makes life bearable for NALSARites was yet to come up back then. It is however thanks to this place that I’ll get to spend a few more years in this city. My city.

More welcoming than Bombay or Bangalore, better behaved than Dehli, more cosmopolitan than Madras and more alive than Calcutta; Hyderabad I love thee.


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