That time of the year again..

Expression must rank along with eating and shitting as one of the most basic human functions. However as many a blogger finds out, expression through blogging is quite similar to constipation where you feel the urge to but just cannot! Shitty analogy, but I hope you get the point.

April is a useful time to reflect on the year gone by. For a student, the new year in January holds little meaning. His clock chimes to the different tune of the academic year. So is the case with me. This must of course be distinguished from the baniya who is more concerned with the financial year that ends around the same time too.

As third year draws to a close, I have decidedly mixed feelings about it. An awesome internship was offset by a not-so-awesome time at college. The lack of time markers in Nalsar is startling. It is almost impossible to remember if something happened in 2008, 09 or 2010! Looking back, all these three years have merged into a form of gooey porridge with the only discernible lumps being the cretins who taught us each year. Of course there is also the odd exception of a good teacher who stands out in this puddle of moronity (Vande Mata-ram). Quite ironic really that the only thing we remember after more than half of our course at the ‘number one rank rated law school’ (sic!) in India is which idiot taught as when. Such is life I suppose.

I have made a resolution to start a few more facebook groups this year. The subject of one of my existing ones unleashed his dogs of war on me. Luckily the doggy turned out to be even more of an imbecile than his master. Up yours Cowboy! You’re mincemeat this time around.

New year also means new juniors. God bless them for the fun they provide in all the monsoon semesters. I can hardly wait!


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