Old Friends and All

I have been a nomad for most of my life. Three years at one place meant a transfer was overdue. Bhai, I have had enough of Gorakhpur/Bhubaneswar/Vishakhapatnam…lets move on! That, I suppose, is why being in 4th year at Nalsar feels weird. What with half of my friends already graduates and the other half graduating this year. Bahut ho gaya yaar. Time to move on!

I however digress. A side effect of staying in Hyderabad for a long time is that there is a whole cabal of ‘friends’ who refuse to be long lost (primarily because they are in the same city as me). This leads to awkward conversations like this:

Friend (on Google Talk): Arey ch**ye! Long time! How’re you doing?

Me: Great! How about you?

(Random catching up..5 mins later)

Friend: Chal yaar..Lets meet up one of these days! Ajay bhi yahin hai

Me: Ajay who?

Friend: Uff! Bhool gaya…He is so and so..

Me: Oh haan. Would love to yaar…But you know what with project submissions (or exams if you so please)..Bahut difficult hai yaar…Chal must go now. Have some pressing work.

I am sure my friend had very noble intentions when he suggested that we all meet up. But what do we talk about now? We have long outgrown those days when we used to check out just post-pubescent legs. Things are very different now. I know nothing about their life and they (owing to my reticence) even less of mine! Even Freud said that we draw several aspects of our personality from a “cauldron full of seething excitations”. Who am I to deny them that right? I was just trying to look after my peace of mind.

Moving on reminds me. The last month has been a personal disaster. Guess things can only improve from hereon. Uff!


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