A Fan’s Eye View

This is going to be an extremely biased post. And I shall brook no criticism whatsoever.

It was a long time ago that I fell in love with Formula 1. I think it was 1997. I remember the Spanish Grand Prix of that year, with that wonderful drive by Olivier Panis. Interest became obsession as I became one of the numerous fans of Michael Schumacher and the Scarlet Red Ferraris. There was grudging respect for Mika Hakkinen, something approaching respect for Eddie Irvine and nothing but contempt for David Coulthard and Juan Pablo Montoya. I miss the glorious days of Ferrari’s absolute domination, though some would crib that they made Formula 1 boring. I am not one of them.

Then the new band came up. There was Alonso, Kimi, Hamilton, Button and God Knows who else. F1 fan me (now in NALSAR) had a hard time catching up with the sport. The screwed up timings and the absence of Star Sports from the Common Room did not help matters. Slowly but surely, F1 for me was reduced to a report in the paper from the 2 day extravaganza that it used to be.

Till now that is. I must concede that I was sceptical about how well India would host an F1 race. Whether the crowds would come. Whether we had all the facilities needed. But guess what? Fuel guzzling machines burning up rubber on the track attracts everybody, anywhere in the world. From a purely sporting point of view, F1 is no match for the excitement or action of a tennis or football match. But boy when those engines are revved up, when they purr magnificently and when they take on those chicanes, I think it awakes something deeply primeval inside us. Nothing sounds as good. Nothing at all.

I shall not be at the stands next year. Maybe not the year after that too. But one day when it shall rain in Noida, when there shall be a slight nip in the air, when those beautiful machines will scream like only they do and when Ferrari shall be World Champions again, I shall be there-waving a Ferrari flag and wearing a red t shirt.

Boy its almost orgasmic!


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