An Ode to Nalsar

That the Nalsar bubble would not last for ever was known pretty well. That it would burst (relatively) so soon was rather unexpected. Unlike many others, I have never had a reason to curse this place. I loved my time here and enjoyed doing whatever little I did. Having changed cities and schools way too often for my own good, it was a welcome change to hang around a place for this long. What is really surprising however is the amount of mush that is being displayed by people you would not expect it from. Most say it is because they will miss their friends here. I think the reason is something else. In Nalsar, your life followed a set pattern. Way back in 2008 I could predict with a reasonable amount of certainty what my life would be like half a decade down the line. How much variation could you bring into a routine of classes, internships, trips back home and the occasional party anyway? Say what you may about change being exciting, people generally prefer to just relax and let things continue the way they are. This will not be the case for many of us now. It is this disruption in routine that makes people wear batch t shirts, cry after flash mobs and upload emo pictures.

Equally saddening for me is the move away from Hyderabad. Over the last decade, I had grown to love the city and can claim with a reasonable amount of truth to have become a Hyderabadi. All that must change now.

I must confess. I am really going to miss college for all that it has given me. The person who leaves in a couple of days is very different from the chap who came here five years ago. Many years down the line, I shall hopefully remember a place 2.8 km from Shamirpet village as what educated me and changed my life forever. 


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